Neuer Beitrag zum Thema Mischbauweisen auf LinkedIn: Our high performance Composite Joining Method #MULTILAYERINSERT has gotten even better:

The approach of scalable load introduction allows, due to the use of local metal inserts, increased strength and a calculable failure behavior. The HPCFK Multilayer-Insert is capable to withstand loads up to 20 kN in-plane. Compared to the load capacity of a pure carbon competitor with 5 kN the applicable load could be increased to 4 times. The investigated Multilayer-Insert samples failed to bearing stress in the metallic region without noteworthy impacting the surrounding composite structure. In contrast, the composite specimen show a massive damage of the fiber structure. Thus, this hybrid joining element helps to reduce the number of necessary joins and in this way prevents the composite structure from up to 75% less structural unfavorable drill holes.

Besides the here shown prepreg application, the Multilayer-Insert is also available for infusion processes and further fiber materials like glass fiber reinforced plastics. Find out more at 


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